“Miriam is a passionate, effective and tireless advocate for educational equity. Her vision for creating a high-quality middle school where diverse students would explore real-world problems and environmental sustainability engaged a committed team and became the successful Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School. Miriam kept her eyes on educational access and outcome goals, and brought her deep experience in civil rights law and educational practices to creating the policies and structures that are the school’s foundation. In her new venture, Miriam’s insightful perspective will be invaluable to both school leaders seeking to improve systems and to parents navigating the educational landscape as it exists today. “

– Shannon Sharp, Founding Board member, Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School


“Miriam Nunberg helped us navigate the IEP process by empowering us with knowledge and tools when we were so overwhelmed.  She gave us practical and wide-ranging advice, and ultimately, helped us get our son the services he needed to be successful in school. The effects of her gifts are lifelong!”

– Lisa L., mother to a child with an IEP


“I consulted with Miriam after my son was denied admission to his middle school of choice due to to absences related to a chronic health issue. Miriam was able to do what his school guidance counselor and principal had not been able to do: confirm that this was illegal, and inform me of the law that prohibited such discrimination. As a result, my son was admitted to the school less than 24 hours later”

 – A.G., Brooklyn parent


“When my daughter developed anxiety and an eating disorder in middle school, Miriam advised me of the 504 accommodation process and helped me communicate with the school. After she helped me understand my daughter’s rights, I was able to be more effective in working with the school to develop a plan that supported my daughter through a time of crisis.”

– E.B., Brooklyn parent


“I have worked with Miriam on D15 Parents for Middle School Equity. Miriam is a passionate, thoughtful, and articulate colleague. She has represented the group’s position on several panels with her ability to clarify and speak clearly to the issue of improving the admissions process in our district. Additionally, Miriam is a data guru and has identified trends across our district by crunching the DOE numbers and finding the story with that data: a story that clearly indicates the admissions process is one contributor to segregation. Finally, Miriam has used her clarity of voice to write blog posts and handle media interviews. Miriam has helped make a small group have a powerful voice not only across our district, but in the larger discussions across New York City.”

– Amelia Costigan, Co-Founder, D15 Parents for Middle School Equity


“I was immediately impressed with Miriam’s passion and commitment to civil rights and education. She’s uniquely qualified in the subject matter with both a law degree and Master’s in education but most importantly Miriam has integrity and compassion. Miriam is an outstanding investigator, lawyer and mediator. She’s proven herself over and over again doing hundreds of investigations and mediations often involving complex subject matters. Miriam’s passion with primary and secondary education motivated me to support her in the development of the Brooklyn Urban Garden Charter School. It was her vision and commitment to providing extraordinary educational services that motivated a team of volunteers to see the plan through until it came to light. Finally, Miriam is an outstanding instructor. I’ve seen her do multiple trainings in the area of sexual harassment, disability rights and equal opportunity to audiences ranging from students to seasoned education professionals. She engages her audiences and gently directs them to understanding the subject matter. I highly recommend her for any educational project or internal EEO audits.”  

 – Robert Rodriguez, Chief Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity Officer, Metro-North Railroad.

“For decades Miriam Nunberg has been at the vanguard of several areas in the field of education.  She has inspired her colleagues and her community with the depth of her experience and practical knowledge.  As a civil rights attorney she ensured equity in education by working to eliminate discrimination on the basis of race, sex, disability and age.  As the founder and leader of an exceptional, innovative middle school she brought not only her expertise in all of the aforementioned fields, but her experience as the parent of two elementary school boys. Seeking the optimal education for all children, she developed effective parent/ school partnerships.  She has inspired her colleagues and her community with the depth of her experience and practical knowledge. Her zeal for justice and her accomplishments in education are truly admirable.”  

– Genara Necos, Staff Attorney, U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights

  • Teacher’s College Reimagining Education Summer Institute 2017 & 2016 – led workshops regarding legal and data analysis of systemic racial disproportionality in student assignment, discipline, special education and high track courses.
  • NYC Community School District 13’s Community Engagement Mini-Lab Spring 2016 – conducted data analysis to support NYCpublic in its multi-part workshops to engage the community as part of District 13’s New York State Socio-Economic Integration Pilot Program grants. The mini-labs focused on exploring the question of “How Might CSD 13 Ensure that all Middle School Students have Equal Educational Opportunities?”
  • Title IX / Enough is Enough Compliance Workshop – Hostos Community College Spring 2016. Conducted interactive workshop for students regarding preventing and responding to sexual harassment and assault on campus.
  • Section 504 Accommodations and ADA Program Accessibility: Legal Nuts and Bolts Matter! (Upcoming Training November 2017) Special Education Collaborative, NYC Charter School Center

Testimony in Support of NYC School Diversity Efforts http://media.wix.com/ugd/e8dacf_31883a18ae124381a33b065569ea3d1b.pdf