“ Racial segregation has come back to public education with a vengeance.”

– Jonathan Kozol

Are you an educational leader seeking to lead courageously for greater equity?

I work with schools and districts interested in improving equity for students, whether in response to an Office for Civil Rights (OCR) complaint, or proactively to bring real change to the lives of students.  As a former school leader and founder, I understand the realities of running a school and meeting the needs of a wide range of students. As an experienced OCR staff attorney, I also bring considerable knowledge of the federal anti-discrimination laws as applied to public educational institutions. My expertise encompasses the civil rights laws that address discrimination on the bases of: race and ethnicity (Title VI); sex (Title IX); and disability (Section 504, the IDEA and the Americans with Disabilities Act).

I offer a range of services aimed at building the capacity of leaders to remove barriers large and small that often result in the marginalization of students of color:

  • Engaging and practical workshops intended to teach district and charter leaders legal standards, data analysis methodology, and best practices for correcting entrenched disparities.
  • Policy and procedure development and revision.
  • Equity audits providing a comprehensive, systemic review of structural inequities that may be present for students within a given school, district or charter network.
  • Implementation of OCR Resolution Agreements.

Consulting and Training Topics

  • Stopping the “School to Prison Pipeline” – data analysis and policy revision to reduce racial, ethnic and gender based disproportionality in school discipline.
  • Prevention of and response to sexual, racial and ethnic harassment.
  • School and district integration.
  • Access to high track, gifted and special opportunity programs.
  • ADA Program Accessibility.
  • Section 504 Compliance.
  • Racial and ethnic disproportionality in Special Education.

For more information, please email Miriam at mnunberg@gmail.com.